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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to increase. here's the forecast animation starting at 6:00 this'veing. by 9:00, more widespread rainfall with locally heavy downpours from the south baa to the east bay, into the north bay. 8:00 tomorrow morning, the showers continue into the afternoon tomorrow, and i'll give you a look beyond tomorrow afternoon as the full seven-day forecast in just a moment or a few minutes. >> thanks, spencer. new surveillance video showing part of yesterday's fatal police shooting in san francisco. [ gunfire ] >> and police are providing accounts of what conditionses are telling them. vic lee is live with today's big developments. vic? >> reporter: well, this is where the shooting happened on the 400 block of shotwell right over there. the police investigation is continuing. they're asking for more witnesses to step forward and
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they do have that video, which was shot from a mounted security camera from across the street here. >> get down! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: this video does not show the shooting. but the video does tell us is that the entire incident took about 30 seconds from the time the officers confronted the homeless man to when the shooting stopped. 45-year-old luis gongora died from his wounds at the hospital. police responded to a call of a man with a knife. this knife pictured on a police photo. the chief says they fired bean bags but to no avail, and to officers then fired about seven rounds. >> initial statements provided by witnesses indicate that the subject was armed with a knife and advanced on the officers prior to the shooting.
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>> reporter: the police commander said they've interviewed more than ten witnesses and summarized what four said. >> the witnesses heard shots, saw the suspect still had the knife in his hand after the shooting. the suspect was flailing his hands with the knife as he ran towards the officers. >> reporter: the fourth witness police talked to was this man, john visor. the homeless man we spoke to yesterday. his account contradicts what the other three said. >> we saw the knife after he fell and hit the ground. that's when the knife fell out from underneath his shirt and hit the cement. >> reporter: police say they're still looking for other witnesses and video. vic lee, "abc7 news." in an unusual move, the sonoma county sheriff posted a series of videos on youtube that shows a confrontation between a petaluma teenager and deputy. this is the body camera from
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last june. it shows her from preventing a deputy looking inside her sister's vehicle. she suff >> citizens do not have a right with deputies asking questions, and that's merely what the deputy was doing when he opened the door to see if something was wrong. >> ramos' lawyer disagrees. he said she had every right to prevent an unlawful search. >> she's an 18-year-old girl in pajamas barefoot at her high school graduation party and she's telling the officer what the law is. he has no justification to enter that vehicle. >> the teen's attorney claims ramos was only charged with resisting arrest to derail a police brutality lawsuit. concord police confirm two more children say they were abused by this man. jonathan bloom is live in concord with new details on this
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deepening investigation. jonathan? >> reporter: police set up a special hotline for parents pertaining just to this case. but that hotline is not where they found the latest two victims. although staff here are not talking to reporters, they are working with police to help identify the two young girls from video stored on the suspect's cell phone. >> it's really bad and scary. >> reporter: news of the sexual assault has spread quickly and patients here are thinking twice about bringing their kids to the dentist. >> take some pliers and take your kid's teeth out and you'll be more secure. >> reporter: police have interviewed ten victims and it's just the beginning. >> we know there's going to be more. >> reporter: after the first girl spoke up, police got a search warrant for his cell phone and looked at the videos they say he recorded while molesting them. >> he is pulling her parents down and videotaping their private areas and also videotaping their face in some
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of these videos. >> reporter: he remains in jail on $8.1 million bond, charged with eight counts of forceable lewd acts on a child, one who he assaulted three different times and charged with possessing child pornography. >> the detective told me there were enhancements that they added. >> reporter: police have been flooded with calls from parents. many say the staff told them to wait in the waiting room while kids got treatment. do you go back there in the office with them or stay in the waiting room? >> i go, every time. >> reporter: regulators say there's no law prohibiting staff from being alone with a child. >> for another adult not to be present, that's disturbing. >> reporter: jonathan plume, "abc7 news." there's a plea deal in the case of a former high school basketball coach accused of having sex with two students. court documents show 24-year-old
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catherine hamlin agreed to to a misdemeanor and received 30 days in jail. he coached berrian christian high in walnut creek. and a former teacher convicted of charges of child pornography. he was arrested in february. five contractors accused in the deadly berkeley balcony collapse may soon lose their license. for failing to follow construction guidelines. six people died when the balcony supported by rotted wood beams gave way last year. happening now in san francisco, president obama is at a democratic party fund-raiser. lyanne melendez joins us live
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from san francisco international airport where air force one landed earlier this afternoon. >> reporter: well, this is the president's second visit this year to the bay area, larry. let's show you a live picture of where the president is right now. he's at the home of susan sandler and steve phillips in san francisco. try to avoid the area. there is a large police presence. now, sandler and phillips are big doe fors of the party, very involved. the motorcade arrived just a few minutes ago. it's a small gathering, only 25 people are expected there. but each will pay $33,400. that money is going to the democratic national committee. now, earlier this afternoon, the president took time to greet a selected group of people. these are families of those within the democratic party or in the military. among them were two young brothers from marin city.
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>> i told him today was my mom's birthday, and it's good that he's the first african-american president because it gave some of us hope at our school that there be more than one race of president. >> reporter: cornell and malika came with their baby josiah. >> it felt good to know that my son got an opportunity to meet the president. >> reporter: and president obama came accompanied by his older daughter malia. both were treated by minority leader nancy pelosi and congressman woman jackie spear. mr. obama is attending a fund-raiser, a second one, dinner tonight hosted this the pacific heights area on broadway. another area to avoid. that event is put on by nancy pelosi. the price tag again is also
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$33,400 per person. the president leaves tomorrow afternoon. lyanne melendez, "abc7 news." ilan musk's space company has a whole lot to cheer about. >> liftoff for the falcon nine rocket. >> the company successfully blasted a falcon nine rocket into space this morning. on board, over three tons of science gear and supplies for the crew at the international space station. it's the first cargo flight to the isf since june when its rocket exploded two minutes after liftoff. they also managed to land its booster rocket on a floating ocean barge. several earlier attempts ended in explosions. one of the goals is to reuse its rocket parts. something else to note, the supply run includes nasa's
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expanded activity module. it's designed to inflate in space. >> interesting. the highway patrol answers a question a lot of people have been wondering. coming up, a series of highway shootings in the east bay and the chp says whether drivers are at risk. call trans dismamtled a piece of bay area history. gray and rainy skies have a direct impact on jobs. >> today, the perfect combination,
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this is "abc7 news." police from all over the bay area are working together now, hoping to arrest the suspects behind 16 freeway and highway shootings, just since november.
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ten of those shootings occurred along 80, two each along 580 and one on state route 4 and state route 242. tiffany wilson found drivers alarmed by these numbers. >> reporter: at a gas station off interstate 880, drivers know there are risks to the road. >> i'm always on the freeway. >> reporter: last month, a party bus was shot coming off the eastern span of the bay bridge. in february, 39-year-old leslie graham was killed driving west bound on 880. and in december, a portion of highway 242 was shut down after an suv pulled up next to a mercedes and shot the driver. these are just a sample of the 16 highway shootings in the past five months. >> i think it's terrifying. to be honest, i didn't know it was that many shootings happening, like an epidemic. >> reporter: albert ward is in
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town to check out the boat show in richmond. >> obviously, just minding by own business, going to a boat show and to end up in the middle of a shooting would be traumatic. >> reporter: without exception, the highway shootings are gang related and not random. >> they could always shoot the wrong person also, right? >> reporter: and what's more, investigators say because the shootings are gang related, victims and witnesses often refuse to help. >> in these days, it seems like gangs are merciless in their retaliation. >> reporter: so far, officers have taken 29 guns off the street and put 77 people in jail. on saturday, one was arrested for attempted murder related to one of the freeway shootings in pittsburgh. chp says it's absolutely a priority to make an arrest in all 16 highway shootings. tiffany wilson, "abc7 news."
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cars are more of a threat, self-driving cars, more of a threat than a benefit to the public. that is what engineers are telling the national highway traffic safety administration, because of unresolved technical issues. they said today a more deliberate approach may be needed before the agency moves forward with plans to deproi the vehicles on roadways. a san francisco supervisor is doing all she can to narrow the racial gap in cancer treatment. "abc7 news" was at city hall where this bone marrow registry drive was hosted. she said minorities are underrepresented. all it takes is a simple cheek swab. >> it ought to be as easy as what happens at the dmv when you decide to be a donor or you decide to do a voter registration card. it should be just that simple, because we're talking about the difference between life and death. >> they're asking everybody,
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specially asian-americans, latinos and african-americans to register as donors. caltrans began lowering the second of five 500 foot plus trusses from the old bay bridge this morning. let's give you a live look. the work was set for next week, but because of weather concerns, caltrans moved the operations up today. this is the time lapse shot of the truss beam lowered. that's 2500 tons of steel dropping at 25 feet per hour. got to go slow there. the next step is to implode two more piers in november. today's rain having an impact on certain jobs in san jose. david louie explains how one company had to -- their business had to send employees home. david? >> reporter: larry, there's nothing like overcast skies and the possibility of more rain than to have caused drivers not to bring in cars for detailings
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or washing. that leaves businesses like this in a quandary. they have to send employees home and without pay. this long-time san jose enterprise does 100 cars a day. when it rains, half or more of the 40 employees are sent home, which impacts their paychecks. the forecast is one detail they can't overlook. >> we look at it very closely every single day, especially during the rainy season, so we have an idea and do a game plan of the days ahead. >> reporter: when it rains in the forecast, it's intrigues to see who carries an umbrella or not. where is your umbrella? >> we don't want to scare the rain away. >> we don't need one. >> reporter: on the other hand, marcie elliott had one. you have an umbrella? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and it's a big one. >> absolutely. got to cover all of me. >> puts you in a bad mood
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sometimes. you walk in and you're all wet. >> reporter: despite the rain, palo alto is launching a new water conservation campaign. the mayor wants residents to sign a pledge to save water. the website is having a friendly contest among cities. >> we are coming off of the tail of a four-year drought. so we do have some dry conditions, and a possibility that the drought may last much longer beyond this year. >> reporter: this is the same city that promoted residents to remove their water dependent lawns and replace them with drought resistant landscaping. in san jose, david louie, "abc7 news." well, since we're talking rain, let's touk to the guy who tracks the rain. >> let's see if he has put down his umbrella. >> we had an isolated shower moving over earlier. it's gone for now and a break of sunshine here. here's live doppler 7 hd.
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this is the pattern around much of the bay area, although there are some spots getting a little more concentrated. let's close in and show you right in the central part of the bay area, from, well, golden gate and northward eastward over to vallejo, back into the east bay, concord, san ramone. we have areas of light rain right now. every now and then, we might see an isolated downpour but a brief one. here's the view from our roof top camera. currently 62 degrees here in san francisco. oakland, 67. 65 in mountain view. 64 in san jose. 59 at half moon bay. this is a drearier view over the golden gate bridge. right now, looking at current readings. 9 in santa rosa. concord 67. 64 in livermore. here's the view, part of the skyline of san francisco as part of our exploratorium camera. these are the forecast features.
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scattered showers continuing through tomorrow, becoming isolated showers and there's some isolated thounld possible during the evening and overnight hours. heaviest rainfall when this storm is expected after 8:00 p.m. and this storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. it's a storm of generally light intensity. we expect rainfall totals to range between 0.2 and 0.9 of an inch. we'll start our forecast at 7:00 tomorrow morning. notice by 1:00 in the afternoon, most of the rain will have lifted up into the north bay. but later in the afternoon, we'll see pockets of showers and possibly some locally heavy downpours redeveloping in parts of the south bay and moving up to the east bay and tapering off to just some spotty showers in the north bay early sunday morning and during the day sunday, we're talking about widely scattered isolated showers. rainfall totals by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, we project will be just under 0.4 of an inch at
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santa rosa and fairfield. over an inch at livermore. highs tomorrow will be generally in the low to mid 60s. as we look ahead just a little bit, we expect more rain midweek next week. forecast animation starting at 1:00 a.m. wednesday, should be wet for the morning commute and rain will continue into the afternoon and end by wednesday night. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. next week's storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. so talking scattered showers storm, spotty showers on sunday. dry on monday and tuesday. more rain arriving next wednesday. spring showers are with us now. larry and kristen? >> thank you, spencer. a new way to see san francisco. that's next in finney's friday free stuff. then at 5:30 on world news with david muir. >> good'veing. we start with that murder on campus. the teen suspect now under
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arrest, accused of killing a female freshman. and the terror arrest in brussels. that's after "abc7 news" at 5:00. new at 6:00, a big plan by bay area
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the military has christened a new drone ship to hunt enemy submarines or hidden mines. it's considered the navy's equivalent of google's self-driving car. the ship can be at sea for up to three months without a crew or being controlled remotely. and with an estimated $20 million price tag, it costs just a fraction of the manned vessels. tame now for finney's friday free stuff. he would not tell me the free stuff he was giving away.
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>> if i tell you, you'll tell somebody else. >> i'll tell everybody. >> this is one of our favorite ones. challenge dairy, they're from the bay area. we've given away their butter and some other products. this is a brand new one they have out. new strawberry cream cheese spread. they're a local company. your free tub is 8 ounces. it only costs $2.49. but why pay that when you can get it free? >> where are the bagels that would accompany that? >> what else do you have? >> now, let me give you a tour of the city in a rather unique fashion. you know who gipper norton is? oh, it's a san francisco character back in the day. he said he was the emperor of the city and so they give a tour
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dressed as emperor norton. they go all over the city. each walking tours are approximately 2 1/2 hours, somewhere around there, almost 3 hours. choose between the downtown tour or the water front tour. they're really fun, they know what they're doing. normally a $20 value. but why spend $20 when you can get it for tree. >> you can going on to to find out more. >> if i pose as a broadcaster, will somebody give me a stipend? >> if you ask. >> thank you, michael. an old fashioned stunt lit up the internet today. >> all it took was the promise of a
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coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00, a new report that says air b and b is not following the law it helped draft in san francisco. also coming up at 6:00, an arsonist took a selfie video putting himself at the massive king fire. i'm laura anthony. we'll show you that video. and from 7 on your side, a bay area's truck owner's effort to fix the source of a menacing sound. that's all coming up at 6:00. check out the police dog that has gone hollywood. >> roscoe sitting pool side wearing shades and sticking his tongue out. too cool for words. >> all that comes after a viral
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video gave roscoe some attention. police say it's nice that roscoe brought the department so much positive attention. it doesn't take much to get hundreds of thousands of people to drop everything. just a promise to show them an exploding watermelon. [ cheers and applause ] >> would you believe more than 800,000 viewers waited 30 minutes to see how many rubber bands it would take to get a watermelon to break. 800,000 people staring at their computer screens! >> i would. i would want to know. it was part of an experiment to see how many people would watch it live to see such a thing. they had to wrap 690 rubber bands around that watermelon to make it go bye-bye. >> now you know. world news tonight is next. i'm larry beil in for dan
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ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. see you at 6:00. breaking news. murder on campus. tonight, the major break in the case. a teen suspect, allegedly seen on surveillance video, now under arrest. accused of killing a female freshman at a major university. how police tracked him down. the major terror arrest. is he the man in the hat, seen before and after the deadly bombings in brussels? deep freeze. spring temperatures on hold. the arctic blast sweeping across 20 states, now moving east. on the loose. the accused killer escaping the psych ward, spotted at his parents' home. his mother calling 911. did police make a mistake by not watching the house? and, fast and furious. new images of this wild chase. suspects tearing up the streets of los angeles.


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